The website displays the images from the camera with the information from the weather station.


Its interface is the hallmark of MeteoCam. It is designed so that the presentation is easy to understand and to navigate, giving priority to

  • the graphical exposure of the information
  • the simplicity of interaction for all kind of visitors
  • the compatibility with mobile devices


The home page shows a summary of the weather situation superimposed on the last view captured by the camera. The colors of the page change depending if it is day or night at the place.


The navigation options are grouped into the following three sections:

    > Meteo

    • Current Weather with a summary of the situation
    • Numeric and Analogic (optional) Boards with summaries of the situation
    • Graphics of the evolution during several time periods
    • Prediction for the next few days

    > Landscape

    • Current View with no overlapping view
    • Online camera with access and live control
    • Videos with displays of recently captured views

    > Sky

    • Current Sketch of the sky that appears at the place
    • Sun and Moon with the hours of the Sun and the Moon and the Moon phase


This is a possible structure. On this basis, the interface can be customized according to the specific needs.

Screen grabs of the prototype BellCam