MeteoCam® is a system that shows live images of a place on the internet and provides, at the same time, information about its weather conditions.

It consists of

  • A video camera that captures the images and sends them to the Internet
  • A weather station which measures the climatic variables
  • A data server that process the measurements and sends them to the Internet
  • The website which presents both the visual and the weather information


MeteoCam provides an internet space of great interest for places such as

  • Touristic establishments: hotels, rural houses, campsites, health resorts, parks…
  • Clubs nautical, golf, gliding, parapente, aeromodelling, surf…
  • Rural industries: farms, cellars, ecological agriculture…
  • Institutions: town halls, schools, observatories…
and, generally speaking, for meteorology enthusiasts and those interested in landscapes.


MeteoCam stands out because

  • The hardware is based on a professional level, solid and reasonably priced together with a tested and reliable software
  • The website interface is of a much higher quality than that available on weather networks and can be adapted to specific needs