ICC Series is a set of eight videos that describe the activities of the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya.

This is the accompanying website to the series. From here you can watch all the videos and you can also get additional information at the same time.

The videos can be viewed in any order but, by way of introduction, it is recommended to start by ICC.

Primary Capture of Data and Remote Sensing explain the methods used to gather information about the territoy and get the Topographical Bases that represent it digitally. From these bases, the ICC makes a wide variety of products described in Cartography.

Geodesy is dedicated to the science that underlies these activities. Toponymy describes the task of putting the names of places on maps, and Map Library the cartographic documentation center.

Each video is accompanied by the transcript of the audio, which is a text that contains some terms that you can click. When you click one of them, the video stops and a window opens with a comment providing additional information. Clicking anywhere on the video screen puts it back on track.

Viewing is recommended through 'Full Screen' option which is located at the bottom right of each video screen.